Paan Rasmalai

Rasmalai is a delicious Bengali sweet which is popular all over India. Boiled Paneer( malai) patties soaked into flavorful milk syrup called rasmalai. Making rasmalai is easy however the key step of making soft paneer is little tricky. If paneer is not soft then paneer patties will become hard. Earlier I have shared traditional saffron, cardamom and mango flavored rasmalai. In India, people love to eat paan after lunch or dinner as mouth refresher. This recipe is made with paneer, sugar, paan leaves, kewra and rose essence milk syrup. Adding paan leaves (betel leaves) into this recipe gives a piquant aroma and refreshing taste to the rasmali. Paan flavored rasmalai comes out very tasty. if you like paan, do try this recipe I am sure you will love this unique flavored rasmalai. 

Paneer Mutter Masala

Paneer mutter masala is one of most popular dish in North India. Paneer is one of the most liked ingredient to adults as well as kids. There are varieties of paneer recipes like paneer butter masala, methi paneer mutter masala, paneer tikka masala, palak paneer, chili paneer masala   and so on. This recipe is a considered as a delicacy and prepared only on special occasions. It is also one of the most sought out dish in restaurants. The recipe looks very appealing in its orange red color gravy which is generally due to food coloring. However I have used beetroot to get the same color to the recipe.  The main ingredient in the recipe is paneer and mutter which is added to a rich tomato based gravy with spices, cashew nut and cream. The wonderful aroma due to spices and awesome taste of curry is extremely appetizing. The curry goes very well with Naan, Poori, Parathas and plain or jeera rice. If you are not a fan of paneer, you can use Tofu instead. Prepare this dish to celebrate your special days with family and friend, however indulge at your own risk.paneer-mutter-masala_9

Chili Paneer Butter Masala (Without Onion-Garlic)

Paneer butter masala is a very famous delicious creamy dish from Norther part of India which can be prepared for any party or special occasions . This recipe is loved by all and especially kids who love sweet creamy sauce with paneer. This dish is available in every Indian restaurant. I have already shared a recipe of Paneer butter masala which is with onion & garlic however this dish is specially prepared for those who don’t eat onion and garlic either during Navratri period or otherwise. In this recipe I have also added bell peppers along with paneer. Bell peppers gives a nice aroma and wonderful flavor to this dish. To give a natural red color, I have add beetroot which gives a scrumptious red color to curry. Without onion-garlic as well this dish comes out to be so yummy and tasty. Chili Paneer Butter Masala goes very well with jeera rice, naan, roti or parathas.

Mix Veg Korma – Without Onion Garlic

Vegetable korma is a delicious flavorful creamy dish prepared using mix of vegetables, flavored with gram masala and methi leaves.This recipe is easy to prepare and popular all over India. The taste and the flavor varies with the different cooking technique. This recipe can be prepared with or without onion and garlic. People generally prepare the food without onion and garlic in festival season like Navrathri. The gravy prepared using tomato and cashew nuts gives a real rich taste & texture to the Korma.Vegetable korma is a great compliment with jeera rice, naan or parathas.

Veg Pizza Pav (Dinner Roll)

Pav is an Indian bread which is used in making many street foods such as dabeli, pav bhaji, vada pav and many more. Making pav is easy and made with all purpose flour (maida) or refined wheat flour. Other ingredients include salt, milk, yeast and butter. Making pav is simple & easy however it is very important to prepare a right dough mix, dough rising and baking time. You could easily find pav (dinner roll) in supermarkets however making fresh pav at home always tastes awesome. This recipe is made with all purpose flour but you can make it using wheat flour as well. Veggie pizza pav sound interesting, isn’t? The same pav stuffed with veggies flavored with pizza seasoning. This is perfect for lunchboxes or after school snacks for kids. Pav is all time kids favorite and pizza pav would be a delicious twist to original pav. If you don’t want to make pizza pav, you could just make simple pav.

Tricolor Burfi

Happy Independence Day to all of you!! Burfi is an Indian sweet dish prepared using condensed milk. There are varieties of burfi recipes however this one I made as Independence day special in three colors representing Indian flag. The three layers are prepared separately and then overlapped to make it tricolor. The burfi had a unique taste as it had three different flavors.

Mushroom Kabab

Mushroom kabab is an awesome appetizer for parties and gatherings. There are a variety of mushroom kabab recipes, however this recipe brings a little Indian flare to it. The mushroom is stuffed with bell peppers, paneer flavored with pickle masala and marinated in yogurt and spices. When served with grilled zucchini and yogurt mint chutney it has an unique taste.

Methi Malai Kofta Curry

Malai Kofta is a classic, rich, creamy and delicious North Indian dish. It is a dish which is perfect for parties and gatherings on special days. This recipe showcases the flavor of Methi within the normal Malai Kofta recipe. You can make it with or without Methi. Malai refers to the cream and the koftas are deep fried paneer and vegetable dumplings. The Paneer balls stuffed with fig and nuts, added to a rich tomato cream base sauce serves as a great side dish for Naan, Parathas, Kulchas and jeera rice.