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Pumpkin Kheer

Pumpkin is a multipurpose vegetable which can be used to prepare curries as well as sweet dishes. Earlier in my blog, I have shared pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin curry recipe. This recipe is a sweet dish popularly known as pumpkin kheer in North India and pumpkin payasam in Southern India. Freshly grated pumpkin is cooked into milk and flavoured with nutmeg powder, cardamom powder. Garnished with pista and saffron, the pumpkin kheer tastes awesome. It’s good to use fresh pumpkin however if it’s not available, you can use canned. This is very easy recipe and can be prepared on any occasion. 

Homemade Mango Ice Cream

Mango is the king of fruit, and a variety of delicious dishes can be constructed either with ripe or raw mango. Mango Ice Cream is an all time favorite for many people around the world. It is one of those recipes that you cannot deny in summer; it’s a must have essential to combat the heat. Mango ice cream is made with mango puree, heavy whipping cream and flavored with vanilla and mango extract. There’s nothing better and fresh like homemade mango ice cream, as it is simple and easy to make at home and an excellent dessert to present to guests. In this recipe i have used store bought mango puree but you can make it using fresh mango puree.  This recipe is made using an ice cream maker, but if you do not have a ice cream maker you can check out my previous mango ice cream recipe

Bottle Gourd( Lauki) Curd Rice

Bottle gourd (Lauki) is a vegetable which has lot’s of health benefit and everyone should add this as part of their regular diet. It can be used to prepare many recipes like savory, drink, raita, curries and sweets. Bottle gourd curd rice recipe is a variation of the South Indian dish curd rice. Curd rice is made with over cooked rice or left over rice, curd ( yogurt) and tempered with curry leaves, chilies, cashew nuts, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and garnish with coriander leaves and pomegranate seeds. It seem meal is incomplete without curd rice for many people. Curd rice is also distributed in temples as prasad. This recipe is prepared using brown rice instead of normal rice, bottle gourd, curd ( yogurt) and tempered with spices. This is very good for digestion and easy to make. Try this recipe with the twist of bottle gourd and enjoy.

Paneer Mutter Masala

Paneer mutter masala is one of most popular dish in North India. Paneer is one of the most liked ingredient to adults as well as kids. There are varieties of paneer recipes like paneer butter masala, methi paneer mutter masala, paneer tikka masala, palak paneer, chili paneer masala   and so on. This recipe is a considered as a delicacy and prepared only on special occasions. It is also one of the most sought out dish in restaurants. The recipe looks very appealing in its orange red color gravy which is generally due to food coloring. However I have used beetroot to get the same color to the recipe.  The main ingredient in the recipe is paneer and mutter which is added to a rich tomato based gravy with spices, cashew nut and cream. The wonderful aroma due to spices and awesome taste of curry is extremely appetizing. The curry goes very well with Naan, Poori, Parathas and plain or jeera rice. If you are not a fan of paneer, you can use Tofu instead. Prepare this dish to celebrate your special days with family and friend, however indulge at your own risk.paneer-mutter-masala_9

Tulsi Ginger Lemongrass Tea

Tea is a very common hot beverage in India which is made using milk, sugar, water and dried tea leaves. Many people feel relaxed and fresh after drinking this beverage. It is also one of the commonly served beverage to guests along with salty snacks. There are varieties for tea available like green tea, herbal team, lemon tea and so on. This tea recipe is a simple recipe with added benefits of Tulsi leaves, Ginger and Lemongrass. Tulsi leave is an Indian herb also known as Indian Holy basil and it’s plant is worshiped in India. All the three ingredients are anti-bacterial and have lots of health benefits. This tea also helps when one has cough, cold and throat pains in winter and helps in fighting infections.  


Goda Masala Powder

Masala (spices) in any Indian food is one of the most important ingredient giving an unique taste to each recipe. You could find varieties of readymade masalas in any Indian grocery store however if you want to get a real fresh taste in your dish you shall prepare it home from basic ingredients. Goda Masala is one of the famous spice mix from Maharastra state. This masala is used in many Marathi recipes like masala bhaat, vegetarian, non vegeterian curry and other recipes. This fresh and aromatic masala gives a unique taste to any recipe. In fact while I was making this at home, the whole house was filled with awesome sweet-scented smell. Dagad phool is one specific ingredient which gives a very distinctive flavor to the masala. There are many versions of Goda masala recipe and people of different region make slight changes in ingredient list based on their preference/taste. Making Goda masala is really very easy as the only thing one need to ensure is that the ingredients are roasted well and don’t get burnt. Although Goda means sweet but the masala is not sweet at all. I learnt this recipe from one of my friend Shilpa’s Mom who belong to Maharashtra and really glad to share it on my blog.Goda Masala_1

Aam ( Mango) Jaljeera

Aam (Mango) is king of fruit. This is a seasonal fruit which is available during summer. This beat the heat tangy cool drink protect us from heat waves. Using raw mango one can be prepare many kind of items like spicy pickle, sweet mango pickle, jam, mango drink or so on. This recipe is prepared using mainly raw mango and honey which is flavored with assortment of spices. In northern part of India during summer there are many hawkers who sell this drink on streets. People also prepare this in their home and my mom used to make it and serve all of us to protect from heat waves. She generally used to roast the raw mango on charcoal which gives a unique smoky flavor. If charcoal is available you can use that otherwise you can roast it on stove as I have done for this recipe. You could also use the boiled raw mango to prepare this recipe so instead of roasting, just boil the mangoes. Raw Mango_5

Green Chana Poori

Poori is a deep fried Indian bread which is famous all over India. There are many kind of pooris like a palak & beetroot poori, plain poori, bhatura, stuffed chana daal poori and so on. Delicious green chana poori is made using wheat flour, fresh green chana and palak(spinach) puree and deep fried in oil. Pooris are all time favorite of my kids and they love to eat as lunch in school so I make them very often. During the season when Green Chana is available I make pooris using it. You can find green chana in Indian store or use frozen green chana if not fresh one is not available. There are many recipes which can be prepared using fresh green chana like paratha, kabab, spiced daal, curry or so on. In this recipe I have added spinach to give a nice green color. You can skip spinach if you don’t like and make it only with chana. Green chana poori goes very well with any Indian curry, pickle or dry sabji.

Green Chana Poori_24