Malai Chicken Kabab

Chicken Kabab is a famous non-vegetarian appetizer. Malai Chicken Kabab is a very simple recipe, which includes chicken marinated with cheese, cream, yogurt,some herbs and grilled in oven. Kids love these kababs as they are less spicy and give a creamy taste. Adding basil and thyme leaves present a beautiful aroma and taste to this recipe. Enjoy this great appetizer with your family and friends.

Yogurt Dhokla Chaat

Chaats are an Indian street food, and are also personal favorites for many people! We crave for these mouthwatering chaats all the time, and now it is easier than ever to make your own chaats at home. As we know there are many variation of chaat that can be found. I have shared some chaats recipes but this chaat is different, as it is undoubtedly healthy and does not contain onion-garlic. This chaat is made with beetroot dhokla, yogurt and flavored with mint-coriander chutney, date-tamarind chutney and chaat masala. The whole ingredients incorporated in dhoklas gives a new flavor to dhokla chaat. In this recipe i have use beetroot dhokla but you can use yellow dhokla, green moong daal dhokla, pomegranate quinoa dhokla or leftover dhokla for this recipe. You can give your leftover dhokla a new taste and enjoy it as evening snack with your family and friends.   

Beetroot Dhokla

Dhokla also known khaman dhokla and is an extremely poplar Gujarati delicacy. Dhokla can be prepared in two way, using instant dhokla (which is made with besan)or using fermented channa daal and rice. Both have an awesome taste and are a healthy snack item. In Gujarat, dhokla is often eating as a breakfast or snack item. Earlier, I shared a variety of khaman dhokla like green moong daal dhokla, veg sandwich dhokla, and pomegranate quinoa dhokla. In this recipe, I have used beetroot puree along with besan to give it a beautiful color, and develop a more healthy and tasty dhokla. I have also made yogurt dhokla chaat with this dhokla, which has an amazing taste. You can make dhokla chaat with leftover dhoklas and enjoy it as an evening snack

Grilled Methi(Fenugreek) Chicken

Grilled Methi(Fenugreek) Chicken is a recipe with slight variation from the regular grilled chicken. The chicken is marinated with dry roasted fenugreek leaves along with other regular ingredients like hung curd and tandoori spices. The taste of this chicken is little different than regular and also fenugreek gives a very nice aroma to the recipe. This is a perfect non-veg starters for you mini parties, family and guests. Kids too love this grilled chicken. 

Mini Pizza Tart

Pizza is a popular American food which is readily available in many restaurants. Kids always get very excited just hearing the word Pizza, but we all know it contains a lot of cheese and is not very healthy if consumed regularly. Therefore, when you prepare it at home you can control your own ingredients and make it more healthier. You could reduce the amount of cheese as well as add more veggies or meat. To make mini pizza tart, you will need mini tart pans which are available in stores. For a more appealing look, add handles to your pizza tart as shown in this recipe. I am sure your guest and kids would be impressed with this mini pizza tart. 

Mutter Corn Potli

Mutter Corn Potli is a recipe which goes very well as tea time snacks or as appetizer at parties. There are variety of snacks dishes in India and many of them are the ones which are prepared fresh and served hot. Mutter Corn Potli is very similar to popular snack Samosa however with little cute shape and a slightly different filling. Potli in Hindi is referred to a small jewelry bag. The crust for this recipe is prepared using all purpose flour and filled with sauteed peas & corn with tangy spices mix. The Mutter Corn Potli tastes awesome with date & tamarind chutney. You can adjust the spicy level to your taste. Serve it with tea, coffee or even drinks.mutter-corn-potli_19

Tandoori Gobhi

As you hear the sound Tandoori, it gives you a spicy, tangy and mouthwatering sensation. There are varieties of non-veg based Tandoori recipes however Tandoori Gobhi is vegetarian recipe and is an excellent starter or snacks item. This recipe is prepared using cauliflower florets marinated in hung curd, tandoori masala and other spices and grilled in oven. If cooked in clay based oven, it would have an amazing aroma and smoky flavor. You can also cook it in gas based oven or on griddle. Serve this dish to your guests with mint chutney & mocktails in parties and have fun. Also see my other Tandoori recipes like Tandoori Salmon, Tandoori tangdi 65 and Tandoori Chicken.Cauliflower

Chicken Momo

Momo, is a famous dish in Nepal, Tibet and Eastern part of India however it’s slowly becoming a widespread fast food around the world. Momo, a dumpling which is steam cooked with variety of filling in it. Originally Momo was made with minced meat as filling however now there are varieties of filling which is used to make momo like mix veg, paneer, tofu or mixture of these ingredients. I have posted a veg momo recipe on my blog and this recipe is specifically for chicken based filling along with supplement ingredients. The momo dough is made using all purpose flour & fine semolina ( sooji) so generally it is white in color. I have also experimented a bit using spinach puree and it gave a beautiful green color and retaining the great taste of momo.