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Cooking is an art as well as a science. Although it might look like an easy task but  perfection is the real challenge.  To   discover  a   great   taste   the most important ingredient  is  ingredient  itself.   To cook a recipe you  could  buy many  ready made things from  markets however you may not really achieve the taste  you  are  looking  for.  In  this  blog,  I have  tried  to  make these recipes using  basic  ingredients  and  most  of  the  intermediate ingredients  are  prepared  using  those  basic  ingredients.  Your cooking will be made out of fresh ingredients and would have an awesome & heart fulfilling taste. I would encourage you to try these at your home   and share your experiences. Beware it may take a couple of iterations before you could get perfection.

Wish you an amazing cooking experience!!

About Me


I am a homemaker and have a rousing interest in cooking and photography. I learnt most of my cooking through my mother. I like to experiment and enjoy trying new things; I create and expand many healthy and delicious recipes. My blog is full of recipes from both North and South India. I also love to create fusion recipes giving Indian flavors to different varieties of cuisines like Mexican, Italian and so on. I hope you like these recipes, and attempt them. Your feedback is extremely valuable to me as a cook as it drives me to create and expand many more recipes. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!