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Orange Ginger Juice

Orange is a citrus fruit and an excellent source of Vitamin-C. The fruit can be eaten as is or you can extract juice from it. Cold Orange juice is very refreshing and it energies you during hot weather. This recipe adds a little flavor of ginger to orange juice and it tastes awesome. Honey is optional in case your oranges are little sour, then add to make it sweet or else you can just skip it. Hope you enjoy this blend for orange and ginger.


Watermelon Strawberry Drink

Watermelon is a seasonal fruit available during summer and very good to avoid dehydration. My family loves watermelon in all forms either eating as fresh cut fruit or juice. This recipe is a blend of watermelon and strawberry added with some lemon juice and spices. This refreshing drink is perfect for hot summer weather and give you a big relief from the hot weather and keeps you hydrated. This lovely naturally red color drink is very simple to make, although the sweetness of fruit is more than enough but if you wish you could add either sugar or honey to complement the sweetness.

Aam ( Mango) Jaljeera

Aam (Mango) is king of fruit. This is a seasonal fruit which is available during summer. This beat the heat tangy cool drink protect us from heat waves. Using raw mango one can be prepare many kind of items like spicy pickle, sweet mango pickle, jam, mango drink or so on. This recipe is prepared using mainly raw mango and honey which is flavored with assortment of spices. In northern part of India during summer there are many hawkers who sell this drink on streets. People also prepare this in their home and my mom used to make it and serve all of us to protect from heat waves. She generally used to roast the raw mango on charcoal which gives a unique smoky flavor. If charcoal is available you can use that otherwise you can roast it on stove as I have done for this recipe. You could also use the boiled raw mango to prepare this recipe so instead of roasting, just boil the mangoes. Raw Mango_5

Mango Falooda

Falooda is one of the popular cool dessert in India. Mango Falooda is made with milk, mango, home made strawberry jelly, sabja seeds flavored with Rrooh Afza and khus syrup. I have used rose syrup flavored falooda sev, and you can find at any Indian store if you do not want to make it at home. Mango falooda is a refreshing dessert during the summer and really rich. 

Carrot & Beetroot Kanji

Carrot & beetroot kanji is a  fermented tangy & refreshing drink. Generally this drink is made of with dark purple carrots or red carrots which is available in specific season however it can also be made with any variety of carrots along with red beetroot which gives the color and it’s healthy too.

Buttermilk (Chach)

Butter Milk or Chach is a light refreshing drink for your breakfast or can serve as a compliment to your meal. Traditionally, buttermilk made from homemade curd. My grandmother used to make chach (buttermilk) with homemade curd after churning curd out of cream using wooden mathani (whisker). It’s really easy to prepare and useful when it comes to beating the heat.