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Homemade Mango Ice Cream

Mango is the king of fruit, and a variety of delicious dishes can be constructed either with ripe or raw mango. Mango Ice Cream is an all time favorite for many people around the world. It is one of those recipes that you cannot deny in summer; it’s a must have essential to combat the heat. Mango ice cream is made with mango puree, heavy whipping cream and flavored with vanilla and mango extract. There’s nothing better and fresh like homemade mango ice cream, as it is simple and easy to make at home and an excellent dessert to present to guests. In this recipe i have used store bought mango puree but you can make it using fresh mango puree.  This recipe is made using an ice cream maker, but if you do not have a ice cream maker you can check out my previous mango ice cream recipe

Mini Pizza Tart

Pizza is a popular American food which is readily available in many restaurants. Kids always get very excited just hearing the word Pizza, but we all know it contains a lot of cheese and is not very healthy if consumed regularly. Therefore, when you prepare it at home you can control your own ingredients and make it more healthier. You could reduce the amount of cheese as well as add more veggies or meat. To make mini pizza tart, you will need mini tart pans which are available in stores. For a more appealing look, add handles to your pizza tart as shown in this recipe. I am sure your guest and kids would be impressed with this mini pizza tart. 

Matcha Green Tea Frozen Yogurt

Beat the heat this summer with cool, refreshing and flavorful Matcha green tea frozen yogurt. I had previously shared Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream which is a real big hit in my family. Matcha green tea comes in powder form available in Japanese stores. The green tea powder gives a great taste to ice cream, smoothie, cake or so on. This recipe is made using hung yogurt, Matcha green tea and flavored with ginger, lemon grass and cardamom powder. This combination give a unique flavor to the recipe. I have used homemade yogurt but you can also use Greek yogurt for this recipe. I have used ice cream maker to make frozen yogurt but this can be done without ice cream maker. Lemon grass is a Asian herb which is used in Ayurvedic medicine and it has many health benefits. Lemon grass can also be used in other recipes like tea, curry, soup or so on.Lemon Grass_2

Pineapple Jam

Fruit Jam is very common breakfast item and readily available in grocery stores. This recipe is to prepares Jam from fresh pineapple at home. Fresh Jam always tastes better than stored ones and you can add your flavors to this based on your taste. This recipe is from my sister Priyanka who makes it so well and tasty. This Jam is little different that regular jam as it is slightly spiced with pepper powder, chili flakes, cinnamon powder and garam masala powder. You can either use cut store bought pineapple or cut fresh pineapple. The Jam can be stored in glass jar for about 2 months in refrigerator.

Green Chana Poori

Poori is a deep fried Indian bread which is famous all over India. There are many kind of pooris like a palak & beetroot poori, plain poori, bhatura, stuffed chana daal poori and so on. Delicious green chana poori is made using wheat flour, fresh green chana and palak(spinach) puree and deep fried in oil. Pooris are all time favorite of my kids and they love to eat as lunch in school so I make them very often. During the season when Green Chana is available I make pooris using it. You can find green chana in Indian store or use frozen green chana if not fresh one is not available. There are many recipes which can be prepared using fresh green chana like paratha, kabab, spiced daal, curry or so on. In this recipe I have added spinach to give a nice green color. You can skip spinach if you don’t like and make it only with chana. Green chana poori goes very well with any Indian curry, pickle or dry sabji.

Green Chana Poori_24

Ridge Gourd(Uppu Huli) Dosa

Ridge Gourd(Uppu Huli) Dosa is one of the traditional cuisine of Udupi, Mangalore region popularly know as Dakshina Kannada. People here are well known for their unique cooking style with minimum or no wastage. They cook from almost all edible parts of any given vegetables. Ridge gourd is one of the locally grown vegetable. This dosa is usually prepared during rainy or winter season to keep the body warm. There are few variation of this dosa too. Ridge Gourd can be replaced with fine chopped onion, fenugreek leaves or fine chopped cabbage. However Ridge gourd is the most famous authentic and tasty among all variation.

The batter of ridge gourd dosa is made with rice and flavored with methi seeds, coriander seeds, chili, tamarind pulp, jaggery and freshly grated coconut. The  right amount of tanginess, spiciness and fresh aroma of coriander seeds gives a trickle to your taste bud. You can adjust the spiciness as per your taste. This dosa doesn’t require any fermentation before preparation. The texture and taste of ridge gourd dosa makes it very different than other any other regular dosa. It’s not as crispy as other regular dosas however it taste really awesome. Traditional recipe does not include Quinoa in the dosa however I have added it give a slight twist. My kids are very picky eater and they doesn’t like any vegetable which they can see, so I generally grind the vegetable and mix it in batter.  My kids loved ground ridge gaurd dosa. Goes well when served with hot cup of tea as breakfast.

I learnt about this dosa from one my friend Akhila Ramakrishna as she prepared it for dinner when we visited her place. She is really a good cook especially Mangalore special foods. I am very thankful to her for sharing this recipe with me which helped me posting it on my blog site.

Maddur Vada

Maddur Vada is a very popular spicy, crispy and mouthwatering snack. The name is based on a place called Maddur in Karnataka which is situated between Bangalore and Mysore. It was one of our favorite snacks while travelling by train between Bangalore and Mysore. Basically, Maddur vada has mainly three ingredients rice flour, fine rava and all purpose flour. The dough is flavored with onion, ginger, curry leaves, hing (asafoetida) and  green chili. The beauty of this vada is that it’s crust is very crispy however it is soft inside.  Generally, the Vada has round shape, however I tried some experiment with shape and it really looked very nice. I used cookie cutter to give it star and heart shape. You can always customize it’s size of the Vada and spiciness based on your choice. Maddur vada tastes great when served with coconut chutney along with a cup of tea or coffee. I am thankful to my friend Savitha Matad who taught this recipe to me. We had this Vada at her place after long time and it brought back the old memories and I thought of adding it to my recipe blog. Hope you all would enjoy this recipe!

Egg-less Pumpkin Cupcake

Pumpkin cupcake is all time favorite of my kids. These are perfect treat for kids. Super moist, fluffy and flavorful pumpkin cupcakes are very delicious. This recipe is egg-less variation cupcake for those people who don’t eat egg. Instead of egg I have used egg replacer which is available in grocery stores. For people who eat egg can replace it with egg. These cupcakes are decorated with tangy and sweet yogurt base frosting, you can use cream cheese instead of hung curd if you like it.