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Shahi Aloo Mutter

Potatoes are kings in veggies, with which we make several delicious dishes such as snacks, curries, bread or appetizers. Potatoes are also an all time favorite for kids. This dish is prepared with baby potatoes (but you can use big potatoes as well) without the use of onion and garlic. Adding cashew nuts into this curry gives a rich and thick texture and shahi taste to the dish. You can also add thick curd instead of cashew nuts. This dish can be made during the navratri festival, and is a great dish if you don’t want to add paneer. Shahi aloo mutter is best served with rice, roti, poori, naan or parathas. 

Yogurt Dhokla Chaat

Chaats are an Indian street food, and are also personal favorites for many people! We crave for these mouthwatering chaats all the time, and now it is easier than ever to make your own chaats at home. As we know there are many variation of chaat that can be found. I have shared some chaats recipes but this chaat is different, as it is undoubtedly healthy and does not contain onion-garlic. This chaat is made with beetroot dhokla, yogurt and flavored with mint-coriander chutney, date-tamarind chutney and chaat masala. The whole ingredients incorporated in dhoklas gives a new flavor to dhokla chaat. In this recipe i have use beetroot dhokla but you can use yellow dhokla, green moong daal dhokla, pomegranate quinoa dhokla or leftover dhokla for this recipe. You can give your leftover dhokla a new taste and enjoy it as evening snack with your family and friends.   

Beetroot Dhokla

Dhokla also known khaman dhokla and is an extremely poplar Gujarati delicacy. Dhokla can be prepared in two way, using instant dhokla (which is made with besan)or using fermented channa daal and rice. Both have an awesome taste and are a healthy snack item. In Gujarat, dhokla is often eating as a breakfast or snack item. Earlier, I shared a variety of khaman dhokla like green moong daal dhokla, veg sandwich dhokla, and pomegranate quinoa dhokla. In this recipe, I have used beetroot puree along with besan to give it a beautiful color, and develop a more healthy and tasty dhokla. I have also made yogurt dhokla chaat with this dhokla, which has an amazing taste. You can make dhokla chaat with leftover dhoklas and enjoy it as an evening snack

Bottle Gourd( Lauki) Curd Rice

Bottle gourd (Lauki) is a vegetable which has lot’s of health benefit and everyone should add this as part of their regular diet. It can be used to prepare many recipes like savory, drink, raita, curries and sweets. Bottle gourd curd rice recipe is a variation of the South Indian dish curd rice. Curd rice is made with over cooked rice or left over rice, curd ( yogurt) and tempered with curry leaves, chilies, cashew nuts, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and garnish with coriander leaves and pomegranate seeds. It seem meal is incomplete without curd rice for many people. Curd rice is also distributed in temples as prasad. This recipe is prepared using brown rice instead of normal rice, bottle gourd, curd ( yogurt) and tempered with spices. This is very good for digestion and easy to make. Try this recipe with the twist of bottle gourd and enjoy.

Multi-Grain Appam

Appam is a delicacy from the state of Kerala in India. Everyone likes this recipe as it has mild sweet tastes and goes very well with vegetable stew, vegetable tomato stew, chicken stew and egg curry. Traditionally, Appam is prepared using ingredients like rice, coconut milk and yeast. Appam is very easy to make as it uses very limited number of ingredients and proves to be very delicious. This recipe is slightly different from traditional methods as I have used a variety of ingredients. I have used multi-grains (like wild rice, red rice, brown rice, quinoa), oats and whole jowar, then grinded it with yeast and coconut milk. Whole jowar can be found in any Indian grocery store and the mix of the remaining grains is mostly available at HEB or Sprouts. The texture of this Appam is soft like pancakes, very healthy and delicious. Do try this Appam and I am sure everyone in your family will love it, even the kids.  

Sweet & Sour Mango Chutney

Mango is a versatile fruit, as many delicious recipes can be prepared with raw mango as well as ripe mango; such as mango pickle, drinks, mango roll up, sweet or spice chutney, shrikhand, ice cream, lassi, mango kulfi and so on. Sweet & sour mango chutney is one of my childhood favorite, and my mom used to make this dish during mango season in the summer. She would make it in large quantities and store it in a jar. We loved eating it in our lunch boxes with parathas. This mango chutney also known galka or khattmithi in Northern part of India, but every state has its own variation of making this sweet & sour chutney with different ingredients and has many different names. This recipe made with raw mangoes, jaggery and some spices in Eastern UP & Bihar style.  

Mutter Corn Potli

Mutter Corn Potli is a recipe which goes very well as tea time snacks or as appetizer at parties. There are variety of snacks dishes in India and many of them are the ones which are prepared fresh and served hot. Mutter Corn Potli is very similar to popular snack Samosa however with little cute shape and a slightly different filling. Potli in Hindi is referred to a small jewelry bag. The crust for this recipe is prepared using all purpose flour and filled with sauteed peas & corn with tangy spices mix. The Mutter Corn Potli tastes awesome with date & tamarind chutney. You can adjust the spicy level to your taste. Serve it with tea, coffee or even drinks.mutter-corn-potli_19

Masala Bhaat

Masala Bhaat is a Maharashtrian recipe prepared using basmati rice, mix vegetables and spiced with Goda Masala. Goda Masala is a special Maharashtrian spice mix which gives an authentic flavor to the recipe. It seems Maharashtrian wedding is considered incomplete without masala bhaat which indicates that how much people like it. In a way you can say it’s like a veg pulao, however it is more spicy and have it’s own taste. You could add vegetables of your choices in it. I learnt this recipe from one of my family friend’s Mom. She makes it so delicious that once you start eating, you can’t stop. Masala bhaat goes very well with maharastrian kadhi or curd raita.Masala Bhaat_7