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Roasted Methi (Fenugreek) Leaves

Methi (Fenugreek) leaves have good health benefits. The fresh leaves are used for variety of recipes like dry side dish, paratha, paneer dishes, sambhar and non-veg dishes as well.  The fenugreek leaves are aromatic has cooling effect. The methi leaves provide a unique flavor to the recipe. Fresh methi leaves are slightly bitter and can be stored only for a short duration. This recipe helps in reducing the bitterness and also can be stored longer than fresh leave and retaining the same flavor.

Wheat Methi Garlic Naan ( Without Yeast)_2

How to keep leafy vegetable fresh for longer time

How to keep leafy vegetable fresh for longer time? Generally, leafy vegetables like coriander leaves, mint leaves, methi leaves, spinach, spring onions and so on tends to get bad even when stored in refrigerator. To keep them fresh for longer duration, you should first dry them up (if there is water) by leaving them spread open in the room on a paper. Once water gets dried up, roll the vegetables in the same paper, place it a zip lock or plastic bag and store in refrigerator. Whenever you want to use it, take out how much ever you want, and then rinse with water and use it. This could keep your vegetables for about one and half weeks in good condition.tips_2