Methi Wheat Garlic Naan (without yeast)

Naan is an Indian flat bread, made with fermented all purpose flour and roasted in clay tandoor or oven. This yummy soft & fluffy bread is famous across India, and varieties of naan are served in Indian restaurants. In my earlier post, I had shared tava garlic naan using all purpose flour. The process to make wheat methi garlic naan recipe is almost similar except for the dough preparation. This recipe is made using wheat flour and fenugreek (methi) leaves and topped with garlic, coriander leaves, kalongi (nigella seeds) and sesame seeds and roasted on stove top on tava. The texture is slightly different but is still soft and fluffy and tastes great. Naan breads generally taste great with paneer or chicken curry. The texture of the wheat naan are very close to the restaurant naan. In this recipe, I have used baking soda and baking powder but you use yeast too.

Wheat Methi Garlic Naan ( Without Yeast)_2


Garlic Naan Without Yeast

Naan is a very famous Indian flat bread across India and now even in other part of the world. My kids are big fan of naan and kulcha. There are many type of naan you can find, like plain naan, butter naan, garlic naan, paneer naan and so on. The garlic naan is made using all purpose flour(maida), yogurt, baking powder, baking soda which is kneaded with warm milk. This recipe is without yeast but also you can make naan using yeast. The garlic naan is topped with chopped garlic, coriander leaves and Kalongi (nigella) seeds. You can also make it using normal wheat flour however the texture and taste would be different.  Traditionally, naan is made in a clay tandoor however generally we won’t have it at home so we can use a stove or oven. This naan is prepared using iron tava and cooked on stove flame/heat. The texture and taste is very close to the clay tandoor. To make soft and fluffy naan leave the dough for overnight after preparing. You may have to try it few time before it starts coming up nice. Enjoy restaurant style naan at home with your favorite curry.

Mooli ( Raddish) Paratha

Mooli Paratha is a type of bread which is famous in Northern part of India. There are many types of paratha recipes like Aaloo mutter gobhi parathagobhi paratha, methi paratha, green spinach & mustard paratha,  Kale & Spinach Lachha Paratha or so on. Paratha’s could be either stuffed, plain or veggie mixed with dough. Paratha goes very well with raita or pickle along with a cup of tea at breakfast. Mooli paratha can be made either stuffed or mixed with flour. This recipe is non-stuffed version of Mooli paratha made with grated mooli, mixed with wheat flour and some spices. Mooli paratha can also be enjoyed with gravy based curries and is perfect for lunch boxes.

Kale & Spinach Lachha Paratha

Lachha paratha is a layered Indian flat bread. Generally lachha paratha is made with all purpose flour however I have used wheat flour. Adding kale and spinach make its more healthy and tasty. For kids who don’t like leafy vegetables, this is a great idea in order to feed them green vegetables. It can be packed in their lunch boxes and it goes well with sauce and any side dish.

Aaloo Mutter Gobhi Stuffed Paratha

Stuffed Parathas are really a great breakfast dish generally on weekends when you are not in a daily rush. Everyone loves paratha when it is stuffed with your favorite veggies. This recipe uses three veggies potato, peas and cauliflower together. You can make it in any combination you like. Stuffed paratha tastes great when served with raita, pickle or sweet tomato chutney. People also love to eat it with a cup of tea.