Shahi Aloo Mutter

Potatoes are kings in veggies, with which we make several delicious dishes such as snacks, curries, bread or appetizers. Potatoes are also an all time favorite for kids. This dish is prepared with baby potatoes (but you can use big potatoes as well) without the use of onion and garlic. Adding cashew nuts into this curry gives a rich and thick texture and shahi taste to the dish. You can also add thick curd instead of cashew nuts. This dish can be made during the navratri festival, and is a great dish if you don’t want to add paneer. Shahi aloo mutter is best served with rice, roti, poori, naan or parathas. 

Achaari Kathal dry

Jack fruit, also known as “Kathal” in hindi, is generally available during summer season. Raw Jack fruit is used to prepare varieties of recipes like curry, dum, kofta, dry dish as well as pickle. Ripe Jack fruit seeds are used as fruits known as Koa in Northern part of India. This recipe is prepared using raw Jackfruit which I found in supermarket. In our childhood we used to carry this in lunch with Poori, one of the favorite Mom’s dish. To prepare this curry, boiled Jackfruit is flavored with achaari masala which gives a tingling taste to it. Be careful while cutting the Jackfruit as it is little tough due to it’s sticky nature, apply oil on your palm and knife before you start cutting. Achaari kathal is a very tasty dish and goes really well with roti, poori, paratha and plain rice. Earlier I have shared kathal dum recipe if you would like to try that.

Spicy Chicken Fettuccine

Fettuccine is a flat thick pasta which can be used to prepare many delicious recipes based on different sauce and flavors. This recipe is prepared using boiled Fettuccine tossed in coconut milk, sweet and spicy sauce with chicken and veggies. You can add your own favorite vegetables and tofu instead of chicken if you are a vegetarian. When served with roasted broken peanuts it tastes awesome. This fusion recipe is very easy to prepare and has a taste which will tease your taste buds. This is one of our family favorite pasta and I am sure it’s going to be your’s too.

Bottle Gourd( Lauki) Curd Rice

Bottle gourd (Lauki) is a vegetable which has lot’s of health benefit and everyone should add this as part of their regular diet. It can be used to prepare many recipes like savory, drink, raita, curries and sweets. Bottle gourd curd rice recipe is a variation of the South Indian dish curd rice. Curd rice is made with over cooked rice or left over rice, curd ( yogurt) and tempered with curry leaves, chilies, cashew nuts, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and garnish with coriander leaves and pomegranate seeds. It seem meal is incomplete without curd rice for many people. Curd rice is also distributed in temples as prasad. This recipe is prepared using brown rice instead of normal rice, bottle gourd, curd ( yogurt) and tempered with spices. This is very good for digestion and easy to make. Try this recipe with the twist of bottle gourd and enjoy.

Vegetable Tehari

Tehari is a colorful and delicious rice dish very similar to veg pulao. This dish is very popular in Northern part of India specially in Uttar Pradesh. This is a very easy recipe and can be prepared when you are in rush. The rice is mixed with chopped vegetables and cooked together with aromatic spices. You can add any vegetables of your choice but generally cauliflower, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, peas and carrots provide an amazing taste. It is served with raita, or curd and papad. Enjoy this either during rush hours or during the weekends for a light lunch/dinner.

Multi-Grain Appam

Appam is a delicacy from the state of Kerala in India. Everyone likes this recipe as it has mild sweet tastes and goes very well with vegetable stew, vegetable tomato stew, chicken stew and egg curry. Traditionally, Appam is prepared using ingredients like rice, coconut milk and yeast. Appam is very easy to make as it uses very limited number of ingredients and proves to be very delicious. This recipe is slightly different from traditional methods as I have used a variety of ingredients. I have used multi-grains (like wild rice, red rice, brown rice, quinoa), oats and whole jowar, then grinded it with yeast and coconut milk. Whole jowar can be found in any Indian grocery store and the mix of the remaining grains is mostly available at HEB or Sprouts. The texture of this Appam is soft like pancakes, very healthy and delicious. Do try this Appam and I am sure everyone in your family will love it, even the kids.  

Gatte ki sabji( Sabzi)

Rajasthan, a state in India, has its own specialties when it comes to delicacies. Gatte ki sabji is one of that delicacy prepared using simple ingredients however has amazing taste. Though it is specialty of Rajasthan,its famous all over India. Other parts of India have their own variation of besan curry similar to to gatte ki sabji and I have shared couple of recipes of the same. It seem Rajasthani  marriage celebrations are incomplete without this dish. The main ingredient of the recipe is besan (gram flour) which is used to prepare Gatte. The curry is based out of tomato, curd and mix of spices. In this recipe, I have also added fresh fenugreek (methi) leaves which make Gatte’s more delicious. Making dough for Gatte is little tricky and it should be of wheat flour chapati’s consistency. The delicious curry goes very well with Roti, Rice, Naan and Paratha.

Paneer Mutter Masala

Paneer mutter masala is one of most popular dish in North India. Paneer is one of the most liked ingredient to adults as well as kids. There are varieties of paneer recipes like paneer butter masala, methi paneer mutter masala, paneer tikka masala, palak paneer, chili paneer masala   and so on. This recipe is a considered as a delicacy and prepared only on special occasions. It is also one of the most sought out dish in restaurants. The recipe looks very appealing in its orange red color gravy which is generally due to food coloring. However I have used beetroot to get the same color to the recipe.  The main ingredient in the recipe is paneer and mutter which is added to a rich tomato based gravy with spices, cashew nut and cream. The wonderful aroma due to spices and awesome taste of curry is extremely appetizing. The curry goes very well with Naan, Poori, Parathas and plain or jeera rice. If you are not a fan of paneer, you can use Tofu instead. Prepare this dish to celebrate your special days with family and friend, however indulge at your own risk.paneer-mutter-masala_9