Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup

Soup is primarily a liquid dish. There are mainly two categories of soup, one clear soup and another one thick soup. You can find variety of soup dishes and it also comes with noodles, veggies as well as grilled chicken. This recipe is a very simple, delicious and healthy soup called as vegetable sweet corn soup. The recipe is prepared using fresh sweet corn and mix of veggies. I have added oat in this soup instead of corn starch for thickness, however you can add corn starch. This is one of the favorite soup of many people and generally ordered as a starter in Indian restaurants. You can also make your own variation by adding grilled chicken to it or vegetable of your choices. Enjoy this healthy soup with your family.

Multi-Grain Appam

Appam is a delicacy from the state of Kerala in India. Everyone likes this recipe as it has mild sweet tastes and goes very well with vegetable stew, vegetable tomato stew, chicken stew and egg curry. Traditionally, Appam is prepared using ingredients like rice, coconut milk and yeast. Appam is very easy to make as it uses very limited number of ingredients and proves to be very delicious. This recipe is slightly different from traditional methods as I have used a variety of ingredients. I have used multi-grains (like wild rice, red rice, brown rice, quinoa), oats and whole jowar, then grinded it with yeast and coconut milk. Whole jowar can be found in any Indian grocery store and the mix of the remaining grains is mostly available at HEB or Sprouts. The texture of this Appam is soft like pancakes, very healthy and delicious. Do try this Appam and I am sure everyone in your family will love it, even the kids.  

Beans & Quinoa Veggie Patties

Sandwich is a very common breakfast or snacks items and also works well for kid’s lunch boxes. There are variety of sandwich you can make like peanut butter jelly, cheese, Nutella and so on. The sandwich made from this patty recipe has good amount of protein. Patties can be either veg or non-veg and can be used along with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and so on. The recipe is to prepare a veggie patty using red kidney bean, black-eyed beans, quinoa and mix of veggies. For this recipe I have used fresh boiled beans however you can used canned one too. Patties can be prepared ahead of time and stored in refrigerator similar to store bought  frozen patties. It certainly saves time early morning when everyone is in rush and helps in having a good quality breakfast. 

Oats lentil Pancake

Oats Lentil Pancake is a dish which can be used for breakfast or brunch. Unlike regular pancakes which is generally sweet, this recipe is salty and spicy. It is also more are less similar to Indian set dosa. Oats and Lentils are really good for health and adding them to your food routine would give you good health benefits. As the name suggest the main ingredient for this recipe is oats and any kind of lentil based on your liking. I have used yellow moong lentil for this recipe. Oats Lentil Pancake can be served with naturally colorful corn & avocado salsa and tomato beetroot chutney. You can also serve it with coconut or peanut chutney.

Green Moong Daal Dosa (Pesarattu)

Green moong daal (Pesarattu) dosa  is a popular breakfast dish of Andhra Pradesh.  This recipe does not require overnight fermentation. Just soak the moong daal overnight, grind it and make a healthy dosa for breakfast. Adding Oats and Quinoa makes it more delicious and nutrient. Usually this dosa is served with rava upma and Allam Pachadi (ginger chutney). Goes well with tomato or coconut chutney and sambhar.

Amaranth (Ramdana) Oats Idli

Amaranth is also known as Rajgira or Ramdana grain. It’s a very tiny grain and has a sticky texture. Puffed Amaranth can also be used for breakfast cereal as well as chikki or ladoo. The grain called fasting grain, which is used during the fasting, is a low-fat grain and loaded with nutrition and dietary fiber. Amaranth oats idli is a very healthy breakfast dish. Adding zucchini, carrot and ginger makes it more delicious. The preparation is the same as normal idli and easy to make.

Quinoa & Oats Uttapam

Uttapam is a popular south Indian breakfast dish. Traditionally uttapam is made from rice and urad daal. This recipe is a derived version of the uttapam recipe however uses quinoa and oats. Instant quinoa & oats uttapam with pineapple salsa is a quite easy and healthy breakfast dish and tastes awesome. Pineapple salsa gives a unique taste to quinoa & oats uttapam.