Malai Chicken Kabab

Chicken Kabab is a famous non-vegetarian appetizer. Malai Chicken Kabab is a very simple recipe, which includes chicken marinated with cheese, cream, yogurt,some herbs and grilled in oven. Kids love these kababs as they are less spicy and give a creamy taste. Adding basil and thyme leaves present a beautiful aroma and taste to this recipe. Enjoy this great appetizer with your family and friends.

Methi Papdi

Papdi is a crunchy salty Indian cracker which goes well as a tea time snack. It is also used to prepare mouthwatering papdi chaat. It is served to guests during festivals like Diwali or Holi and once prepared can be stored for 2 weeks in air tight containers. The main ingredients for this recipe are all purpose flour, wheat flour, and methi (fenugreek).You can either deep fry the papdi or bake it, I have tried both and both come out very crispy. You can either use roasted methi or fresh fine chopped one. Enjoy this snack with your family and friends. 

Beetroot Dhokla

Dhokla also known khaman dhokla and is an extremely poplar Gujarati delicacy. Dhokla can be prepared in two way, using instant dhokla (which is made with besan)or using fermented channa daal and rice. Both have an awesome taste and are a healthy snack item. In Gujarat, dhokla is often eating as a breakfast or snack item. Earlier, I shared a variety of khaman dhokla like green moong daal dhokla, veg sandwich dhokla, and pomegranate quinoa dhokla. In this recipe, I have used beetroot puree along with besan to give it a beautiful color, and develop a more healthy and tasty dhokla. I have also made yogurt dhokla chaat with this dhokla, which has an amazing taste. You can make dhokla chaat with leftover dhoklas and enjoy it as an evening snack

Homemade Pav (Dinner Rolls)

Pav/dinner rolls are usually made with all-purpose flour along with yeast as a main ingredient. These small soft pav breads are famous all over India, especially in  Mumbai. In Mumbai, these pav are commonly found in street foods like a pav bhaji, vada pav, samosa pav and so on. These pav can be find any super markets but nothing better taste than homemade freshly baked pavs, and my son is a big fan of these freshly made pavs. I have already shared the veggie pizza pav bread. This recipe is simple and very easy to prepare but the most important part is the dough consistency and kneading of the dough. The pav dough should be very sticky and should be well kneaded until gluten is formed in the dough which makes the pav soft and fluffy. This recipe made using maida ( all purpose flour) but you can also use wheat flour, however, the texture will be slightly different. Enjoy these tasty pav at home with bhaji, vada pav or just a cup of tea.   

Homemade Mango Ice Cream

Mango is the king of fruit, and a variety of delicious dishes can be constructed either with ripe or raw mango. Mango Ice Cream is an all time favorite for many people around the world. It is one of those recipes that you cannot deny in summer; it’s a must have essential to combat the heat. Mango ice cream is made with mango puree, heavy whipping cream and flavored with vanilla and mango extract. There’s nothing better and fresh like homemade mango ice cream, as it is simple and easy to make at home and an excellent dessert to present to guests. In this recipe i have used store bought mango puree but you can make it using fresh mango puree.  This recipe is made using an ice cream maker, but if you do not have a ice cream maker you can check out my previous mango ice cream recipe

Chiku (Sapota) Ice Cream

Chiku a.k.a. Sapota is a brown color fruit that is exceptionally sweet. Chiku can be eaten as a fruit or drank as Chiku milk shake, which is a very famous drink. Ice cream is everyone’s favorite dessert and one can buy a variety of them in stores. However you might not find Chiku ice cream in a store. This recipe provides steps to prepare Chiku Ice cream at your own house. Homemade ice cream is always the best, you can also tweak it based on your taste. It is super easy to make this ice cream and it tastes delicious. This ice cream is flavored with coffee and vanilla extract, coffee gives a unique taste to chiku ice cream and is well served with chia seeds. Enjoy this summer special recipe during hot days!  

Sweet & Sour Mango Chutney

Mango is a versatile fruit, as many delicious recipes can be prepared with raw mango as well as ripe mango; such as mango pickle, drinks, mango roll up, sweet or spice chutney, shrikhand, ice cream, lassi, mango kulfi and so on. Sweet & sour mango chutney is one of my childhood favorite, and my mom used to make this dish during mango season in the summer. She would make it in large quantities and store it in a jar. We loved eating it in our lunch boxes with parathas. This mango chutney also known galka or khattmithi in Northern part of India, but every state has its own variation of making this sweet & sour chutney with different ingredients and has many different names. This recipe made with raw mangoes, jaggery and some spices in Eastern UP & Bihar style.  

Dates & Nuts Gujiya

Gujiya is a one of very popular festive season sweet snacks in Northern part of India. It’s generally made during festivals like Diwali or Holi, however it is readily available in sweet shops but homemade always better. There are many kinds of Gujiyas based on the filling in it, like milk mava, rava, coconut with nuts and so on. This Gujiya recipe is made from filling of dates and nuts and flavored with cardamom powder. The outer layer is crispy and flaky. In sweet shops you can also find  Gujiya which are dipped in sugar syrup. Enjoy this very tasty Gujiya though keep in mind the calories.