Rosemary Wheat Amaranth Crackers

Crackers are really great tea time snacks and also goes very well with either hummus or some kind of similar dip. There are plenty of crackers available in grocery stores with different flavors however making it fresh at home has it’s own charm. This recipe uses wheat and amaranth flour with fresh rosemary as ingredients. The rosemary aroma while baking is so soothing and relaxing. This aromatic crunchy crackers is easy to make and delicious to eat.rosemary-wheat-amaranth-crackers_11

Multi Adai Paniyaram

Paniyaram is one of very popular breakfast or appetizer dish in Southern part of India. It is prepared from batter which is pretty similar to Dosa/Idli batter. I have already shared the regular Paniyaram recipe earlier, this recipe a little variation to the original recipe. The major ingredient for this recipe is mix of various kind of daal (pulses), beans, brown rice and rava. I have also added grated beetroot to a refreshing color as well as nice taste. The batter needs at least 6 to 7 hours of fermentation. The paniyram tastes great with samber, coconut or tomtato chutney. You would need paniyarm pan to prepare this recipe which is generally available in Indian grocery stores. These cute little balls works great as appetizer for your guests as well as for kid’s lunch boxesMulti Daal & Beans_1

Daal Baati

Daal Baati Churam is a very popular traditional Rajasthani dish. The celebrations like marriage, festival, parties and so on in Rajasthan are incomplete without this traditional dish. Daal Baati Churma is basically three items put together as a meal. I have already shared the recipe of Churma in my earlier blog and in this blog I am sharing the recipe for Daal and Baati. Baati is made from wheat flour balls with lots of deshi ghee. Traditionally, the Baati balls are backed in clay or coal based tandoor which gives a very specific smoky flavor to the recipe. However, I have made the Baati in electric oven and it really came out well. The crispy Baati with desi ghee aroma makes the dish tastes amazing. The Daal for this recipe is mixture of five kinds of daal (pulses) also known as panchmel daal. The daal is cooked with salt, water and turmeric powder however the seasoning with ghee, ginger-garlic and some gram masala brings in the real flavorful taste in Daal. Serve this recipe to your guests and I am sure they would love it.

Daal Baati_15

Papdi Chaat Basket

Chaat, just hearing the word makes your mouth water. This tangy street food is very famous all over India and loved by everyone. There are many types of chaats like samosa chaat, dahi poori chaat, chana kachori chaat, aloo tikki chaat and so on. I have already shared papdi & papdi chaat recipes earlier. This is a variation to the actual papdi chaat as I have added mini papdi baskets instead of plain papdi. Mini papdi basket is made using all purpose flour, rava and some carom seeds. I have used vegetable shortening however you can use butter or ghee instead. In order to make crispy crunchy papdi baskets, the dough should be tight and after adding shorting it should be mixed very well. To give it a basket shape, I have used mini tin tart molds. The basket can also be baked instead of deep fried. This recipe is a perfect finger food for your gatherings or parties. The papdi basket can be prepared ahead of time and stored in air tight containers to keep it crispy.

Strawberry & Beetroot Kesari

Happy Valentine Day!! This special valentine day dessert recipe for your love ones. The strawberry & beetroot kesari is slight variation of normal kesari. The regular kesari is made during for worships and on special occasions as Prasad. The recipe is prepared with ghee roasted rava cooked into milk, beetroot & strawberry puree and flavored with cardamon powder and kewra-rose essence. This beautiful naturally colored recipe is so delicious and mouthwatering. I am sure you would love this recipe if you Kesari bhath fan.

Tricolor Parfait

Wishing all my Indian friends a very Happy Republic Day!!

This Tricolor Parfait recipe is inspired by the beautiful colors of the Indian Flag. This day brings a lovely childhood memory when it was celebrated in schools with flag hosting, various cultural functions and at the end of celebration sweet especially Motichoor Ladoos were distributed to every one. The recipe is prepared using mainly three ingredients using lauki (bottle gourd), sweet yogurt and sweet fine boondi. The green cardamon, rose and kewra essence gives an amazing taste to the recipe. The three layers arranged in a fancy glass container make this recipe very soothing to the eyes and appealing. Some of the process are lengthy like getting hung curd so plan ahead for those. I have separately posted the recipe for Motichoor Ladoo which is required for this recipe. However I have mentioned the ingredient for boondi here for easy reference.

Pomegranate Quinoa Dhokla

Dhokla is a savory steamed tangy, spicy and sweet Gujarati snack which is famous all over India.  Dhokla is all time our favorite Snack. There are many dhokla recipe, like a, Khaman Dhokla, Rava Dhokla, Veg Sandwich Dhokla, Green Moong Daal Dhokla, Spinach Dhokla and so on.This dhokla recipe is little different with a slight twist to traditional one. Pomegranate Quinoa Dhokla prepared using Quinoa, fresh pomegranate juice with some spices which makes it more healthy with unique taste and beautiful color. Pomegranate juice gives a tangy-sweet taste to the dhokla. Delicious Dhokla can be served with meal or as an evening snack.

Non-Fried Veg Tofu Manchurian Dry

Vegetable Tofu Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese dish. It is a very flavorful, tangy and sweet & sour dish which everyone loves. Generally Manchurian balls are deep fried however this recipe tries a roasted Manchurian ball which gives exactly the same flavor and texture. The grated vegetables, bell peppers and tofu tiny balls, flavored with ginger-garlic and coated with varieties of sauce makes it delightful recipe. I have used Appam pan to roast the vegetable tofu balls however if you don’t have Appam pan you can either use any pan to roast for even bake it in oven. Similar to other Manchurian recipe this can either dry Manchurian or with gravy. Gravy Manchurian goes very well with Chinese fried rice or just plain rice. The dry one is perfect appetizer for your party or gathering. Also see other Manchurian recipe Gobhi Manchurian and Mix Vegetable Manchurian.