Malai Chicken Kabab

Chicken Kabab is a famous non-vegetarian appetizer. Malai Chicken Kabab is a very simple recipe, which includes chicken marinated with cheese, cream, yogurt,some herbs and grilled in oven. Kids love these kababs as they are less spicy and give a creamy taste. Adding basil and thyme leaves present a beautiful aroma and taste to this recipe. Enjoy this great appetizer with your family and friends.

Spicy Chicken Fettuccine

Fettuccine is a flat thick pasta which can be used to prepare many delicious recipes based on different sauce and flavors. This recipe is prepared using boiled Fettuccine tossed in coconut milk, sweet and spicy sauce with chicken and veggies. You can add your own favorite vegetables and tofu instead of chicken if you are a vegetarian. When served with roasted broken peanuts it tastes awesome. This fusion recipe is very easy to prepare and has a taste which will tease your taste buds. This is one of our family favorite pasta and I am sure it’s going to be your’s too.

Phool Surprise

Phool Surprise is a signature dessert from chef Kunal Kapur which was showcased on MasterChef TV program. I was awestruck when I saw this program as the Phool surprise was really so beautiful and awesome. I was so impressed that I wanted to try it out, though I knew it would a tough task. After couple of attempts I was able to prepare it although its not as perfect as the actual recipe. I have also uploaded the video of the petals opening from my recipe. This recipe has four components, first one berry cheesecake, second one crispy ghevar, third one white chocolate petals and finally french vanilla & turmeric flavored custard. I have shared the Ghevar recipe separately and remaining three recipes are part of this recipe. This dessert is as delicious as beautiful. Berry cheesecake gives a sweet and sour tingling taste to otherwise sweet chocolate and custard. It could look like a daunting task however if you have patience you can certainly make this recipe and surprise your friends and family with it. Some important aspects of the recipe are mentioned in the recipe notes so please read them before you start preparing this recipe. 

Oats lentil Pancake

Oats Lentil Pancake is a dish which can be used for breakfast or brunch. Unlike regular pancakes which is generally sweet, this recipe is salty and spicy. It is also more are less similar to Indian set dosa. Oats and Lentils are really good for health and adding them to your food routine would give you good health benefits. As the name suggest the main ingredient for this recipe is oats and any kind of lentil based on your liking. I have used yellow moong lentil for this recipe. Oats Lentil Pancake can be served with naturally colorful corn & avocado salsa and tomato beetroot chutney. You can also serve it with coconut or peanut chutney.

Sambar Polenta (Cornmeal)

Polenta aka cornmeal is granules of corn available in grocery stores all around. The Polenta is cooked in many ways like it can be baked, grilled or fried. This recipe is prepared using boiled Polenta which is typically simmered in water with salt and ghee or butter. Polenta takes a little long time to cook and creamy texture.You could each boiled Polenta as is or It can be served many different ways. For this recipe we would prepare a sambar to serve with Polenta. Sambar is a south Indian soup which is prepared using mix of vegetables of your choice, toor daal and special sambar masala. In this recipe, I have also added green pigeon peas along with toor dal to get twist in sambar taste. There are varieties of sambar recipes available and you can use anyone if you like or you can use your own sambar recipe. Polenta used to be one of common meal item when I was young and my grand mother use to make it and serve with toor dal and spicy curry. In northern India is it referred as “Makki ka bath”. I literally love Polenta and every time I make it, it bring memories from childhood. Polenta with sambar was an awesome combination and very delicious, you could also try it with rasamCorn Meal_

Matcha Green Tea Frozen Yogurt

Beat the heat this summer with cool, refreshing and flavorful Matcha green tea frozen yogurt. I had previously shared Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream which is a real big hit in my family. Matcha green tea comes in powder form available in Japanese stores. The green tea powder gives a great taste to ice cream, smoothie, cake or so on. This recipe is made using hung yogurt, Matcha green tea and flavored with ginger, lemon grass and cardamom powder. This combination give a unique flavor to the recipe. I have used homemade yogurt but you can also use Greek yogurt for this recipe. I have used ice cream maker to make frozen yogurt but this can be done without ice cream maker. Lemon grass is a Asian herb which is used in Ayurvedic medicine and it has many health benefits. Lemon grass can also be used in other recipes like tea, curry, soup or so on.Lemon Grass_2

Quinoa Mix Daal Adai Dosa

Mix Daal Dosa is one of the many different types of Dosa found in South India. Mix daal dosa is prepared using a variety of daal (pulses), beans, quinoa and brown rice. Mix daal dosa is full of protein and a very healthy breakfast. Adding quinoa to the recipe makes it even more healthy and delicious. This dosa does not require overnight fermentation process, however, if you wish you can leave it for 3-4 hours to ferment. If you like your Dosa crispy, you can add a little rice flour into batter. Normally, this dosa is served with potato masala, sambar and coconut chutney. You can also try it with guacamole and it tastes just as good.

Tomato Carrot & Beetroot Soup

Tomato, carrot & beetroot soup is a light and healthy soup and its easy to make. Soups are all time favorite of our family. Soup is the first choice whenever we are in a restaurant. This soup is perfect for cold or rainy weather. Soups are great complement with your meal as a stater. The beetroot gives a wonderful color and as well as it makes soup more healthy. There are many kind of soup recipes like Tomato Soup, Lentil Soup, Minestrone Soup, Rasam so on. I have skipped adding any oil or butter to this recipe, however if you wish you can add butter as per your taste. The taste was awesome. Adding fresh basil leaves gives a nice aroma and taste to the soup.