Mini Pizza Tart

Pizza is a popular American food which is readily available in many restaurants. Kids always get very excited just hearing the word Pizza, but we all know it contains a lot of cheese and is not very healthy if consumed regularly. Therefore, when you prepare it at home you can control your own ingredients and make it more healthier. You could reduce the amount of cheese as well as add more veggies or meat. To make mini pizza tart, you will need mini tart pans which are available in stores. For a more appealing look, add handles to your pizza tart as shown in this recipe. I am sure your guest and kids would be impressed with this mini pizza tart. 

Rosemary Salmon

Fish is one of best nutrition food for a non-vegetarian. It contains lot of proteins and omega-3 which is very good for cholesterol. You can prepare varieties for recipes using fish like fish curry, fish kebabs or grilled fish. This is another version of grilled fish recipe which includes some amazing herbs like rosemary, basil leaves and spices. These ingredients gives an awesome flavor and tastes to fish. The fish served with arugula salad make it a very healthy combination. It goes very well with mint yogurt sauce

Green Chana Poori

Poori is a deep fried Indian bread which is famous all over India. There are many kind of pooris like a palak & beetroot poori, plain poori, bhatura, stuffed chana daal poori and so on. Delicious green chana poori is made using wheat flour, fresh green chana and palak(spinach) puree and deep fried in oil. Pooris are all time favorite of my kids and they love to eat as lunch in school so I make them very often. During the season when Green Chana is available I make pooris using it. You can find green chana in Indian store or use frozen green chana if not fresh one is not available. There are many recipes which can be prepared using fresh green chana like paratha, kabab, spiced daal, curry or so on. In this recipe I have added spinach to give a nice green color. You can skip spinach if you don’t like and make it only with chana. Green chana poori goes very well with any Indian curry, pickle or dry sabji.

Green Chana Poori_24

Green Spinach & Mustard Paratha

Paratha is a popular Indian flat bread all over India. Parathas are generally served with various curries and side dishes in Indian food. There are varieties of paratha in Indian cuisines like stuffed paratha, plain paratha or veggie parathas. This paratha recipe is prepared using wheat flour, spinach & mustard leaves which is very healthy and easy to make. This paratha is a simple layered paratha.This green paratha is very convenient to pack for kids lunch boxes with dry curry. Normally kids don’t like to eat spinach in its other forms so this is a good option to feed them the same. There are other similar recipes which I have posted, you could also find their recipe at Spinach & kale paratha and multigrain cabbage paratha.

Veg Pizza Pav (Dinner Roll)

Pav is an Indian bread which is used in making many street foods such as dabeli, pav bhaji, vada pav and many more. Making pav is easy and made with all purpose flour (maida) or refined wheat flour. Other ingredients include salt, milk, yeast and butter. Making pav is simple & easy however it is very important to prepare a right dough mix, dough rising and baking time. You could easily find pav (dinner roll) in supermarkets however making fresh pav at home always tastes awesome. This recipe is made with all purpose flour but you can make it using wheat flour as well. Veggie pizza pav sound interesting, isn’t? The same pav stuffed with veggies flavored with pizza seasoning. This is perfect for lunchboxes or after school snacks for kids. Pav is all time kids favorite and pizza pav would be a delicious twist to original pav. If you don’t want to make pizza pav, you could just make simple pav.

Tricolor Multigrain Idli

Idli is one of the most popular breakfast dish in Southern part of India. The recipe is generally made with rice and urad dal. This recipe is made using mutli-grain Idli flour. To celebrating the Independence Day, I have tried to make a Idlis in tri-color using fresh vegetables for colors. This recipe does not require soaking overnight like traditional Idli recipe as it uses instant multi-grain flour. Tricolor multi-grain idli, made with rava, amaranth, oats, quinoa and natural colors are from beetroot & carrot and spinach. Idli goes very well with tomato chutney, coconut chutney with or without coriander and sambhar.

Green Moong Daal Dhokla

Dhokla is a yummy savory  famous Gujarati snacks. Traditionaly, it is made with gram flour (besan) and you can play with the ingredients by adding oats, quinoa or semolina to give a little twist to the taste and flavor. This recipe is about making Dhokla using green moong daal with spinach and quinoa. Quinoa & spinach gives a unique taste to the Dhokla along with providing a natural green color to it. To make it spongy you would need fruit salt  (ENO) or baking soda. You would also need Dhokla stand and steamer to prepare this recipe.

Green Egg Curry

Egg curry is a simple and easy recipe however  there are many variations. Green egg curry is slightly different then normal.  Green egg curry prepared using baby spinach, corn and Indian spices. Boiled roasted eggs in to spinach and tomato green curry gives a nice color compliment to the dish and taste delicious. Egg curry goes very well with rice or paratha or naan. This curry recipe can be used for paneer or tofu.